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Enabling the Potential of a Trillion Internet-of-Things

EDJX, with unprecedented reach, simplicity, and security, is leading the revolution for real-world edge computing applications including industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics.

The existing, centralized architecture of cloud computing will be unable to sufficiently address the data volume growth as well as the increasing need for data processing speed and efficiency required for IoT applications. Handling this expansion will require decentralized, low latency (the delay before a transfer of data begins following an instruction for its transfer), high-performance computation, and network capacity at the “edge” (defined by EDJX as within 1,000 feet of the device requiring the computer processing).

Aided by the much greater proximity to the devices it will serve, EDJX’s solution offers speeds up to 40 times greater than attainable by the current centralized datacenter systems, at a lower cost, and with more consideration for cybersecurity.


Quick Facts for Investors

Location: Raleigh, NC and San Francisco, CA
VCapital Invested: 2020
CEO: John Cowan
Founded: 2018
Founded By: John Cowan, Michael Preston, Delano Seymour, James Thomason
Industry: Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing

Why We Invested

The EDJX team is strong and experienced. The CTO has been behind 14 startups of which nine have been acquired. We believe edge computing is the future and EDJX has a huge head start.

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