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It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.

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Our Board

The VCapital Advisory Board is available to both the team and our portfolio companies on a regular and as needed basis. The full board meets formally twice per year. Each advisor's individual experience and knowledge has been pivotal in expanding our access to deal flow, providing additional capital for individual deals and VCapital, and assisting with due diligence and support for portfolio companies.

Casey Cowell   |   LinkedIn

Founder and former chairman/CEO of U.S. Robotics. Currently Principal of Boomerang Catapult. 

James Prieur   |   LinkedIn

Managing Director at Primart Capital LLC, formerly CEO of CNO Financial Group and President/COO of Sun Life Financial

Tim Danis   |   LinkedIn

Chairman, Risk Consulting Partners. Founder and Former Chairman, RCP Advisors. Former Vice Chairman, AON Risk Services

Lloyd Shefsky   |   LinkedIn

Retired Clinical Professor of Family Enterprises, Founder and Co-director of the Center for Family Enterprises and Co-Founder of the Center for Executive Women at the Kellogg School of Management. He is the author of Entrepreneurs Are Made Not Born, Invent Reinvent Thrive, and Visionarie$ Are Made Not Born.

Ken Freeman   |   LinkedIn

Strategic Marketing Adviser to VCapital. Co-author of Building Wealth Through Venture Capital.  Former senior marketing officer for multinational companies including Nabisco and Reckitt & Colman (now Reckitt Benckiser) Frequent contributor of articles at

Peter Mason   |   LinkedIn

Founding Partner and Former Chairman of the Executive Committee at Freeborn & Peters LLP.

For every investment we make, we evaluate 300-500 opportunities from our network.

VCapital created Midwest Venture Capital Consortium, a group of 33 midwest venture capital firms with a combined dry powder pool of $2.5B+. The purpose of this group is to collaborate on funding, deal flow, and due diligence. Accelerators and Incubators are also vital sources for deal flow and talent and they assist in assessing technology and opportunities. Additional relationships nurtured over many decades offer collaboration for identifying opportunities, finding technical talent, and making the marketplace more efficient.