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The LoPresti Family: Founders, Investors, and Philanthropists

VCapital Team, August 3, 2020

VCapital is humbled to think of our decade-long relationship with the LoPresti family, as both investors and as friends.

Michael LoPresti and his two sons, Matt and Chris, always had a vision of working together and building data solutions to solve difficult problems. That vision is now called TouchPoints. After successful careers in different areas for each of them, they got together in 2009 around an idea to help non-profits, universities, hospitals, and associations find customers, strengthen and deepen relationships with donors and key constituents, and expand their reach. They created a new technology to leverage existing customer or donor lists, bring data up to date, and create programs to enable and empower organizations to meet their goals. While they were at it, they developed search functions that identify donors who work for companies that have matching gift programs and also donors who have charitable foundations or donor-advised funds.

While Michael was busy as CFO of the Adler Planetarium for a decade and then developing STEM, leadership, and mentoring programs for young people, Matt and Chris had busy careers of their own.  The brothers founded, an alert system for product recalls, and they jointly authored The Ultimate Guide to Home Safety for Kids. Chris is the author of INSIGHTS, a collection of the best advice offered by a diverse group of leaders and innovators.  Note: 100% of the profits from the sale of the book support young innovators in pursuing STEM skills and careers.

These LoPrestis three not only work together, they invest together.

Their connection to VCapital (and predecessor company BVC) began in 2010 with a position in nearly every portfolio company. They are drawn to the alternatives asset class in large part because they feel that the information in broad public markets moves very fast and is so widely disseminated that alpha is difficult to generate. Their investments include private equity and venture capital avenues with other firms as well. What draws them to VCapital is the focus on B2B, healthcare, biotech, and big data deals – as well as “out of the mainstream” opportunities. 

“Our family places tremendous value on trust, and we especially appreciate honest feedback. VCapital’s emphasis on digging deep and performing extraordinary due diligence is important to us,” said Chris in a recent conversation with Managing Principal Jim Vaughan.  

We know that our best referral sources are our own investors. With long-term relationships like we have with the LoPresti’s, we remain inspired to introduce high-potential, game-changing companies to individuals who have a desire to build wealth through venture capital.

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