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Aging is the Mother of All Diseases.

VCapital Team, May 4, 2024

The co-founders of Rejuvenate Bio are developing gene therapies to treat age-related diseases in human and animal health.

In 2019, VCapital hosted world-renowned geneticist Professor George Church for "The Future of Medicine." Church's research at Harvard Medical School is focused on eliminating many of our toughest age-related chronic illnesses, such as:

  • heart disease
  • osteoarthritis
  • cancer
  • neurogenerative diseases
  • kidney disease
  • diabetes

In 2021, biotech company Rejuvenate Bio (founded by George Church, Dan Oliver, and Noah Davidsohn) was added to the VCapital portfolio. This team is focused on treating aging and age-related diseases through novel gene therapies and epigenetic programming. Dr. Church stated in a recent interview that when you’re rejuvenating cells, you’re also boosting all their repair mechanisms. The challenge for the near future is using artificial intelligence to design “delivery shuttles” that carry gene therapy where you want it to go. If cells can be convinced to kick in their own repair factory by giving them a dose of youth-promoting genes, lots of damage from aging can be reversed.

On May 2, 2024 these Rejuvenate Bio co-founders joined Jim Vaughan in a conversation about gene therapy and scientific advancement to treat age-related diseases for both human and animal health.


Some interesting nuggets include: 

  • Rejuvenate Bio has been the recipient of non-dilutive funding from the Department of Defense to enhance the performance of both canine and human Special Forces personnel. 
  • With obesity affecting an increasing proportion of the population, co-founder Noah Davidsohn explains his lab work with mice in addressing age-related disease as a result of obesity. 
  • Given the evident market potential, Dr. Church envisions a future where age-related treatments will be as accessible and affordable as vaccines. He asserts, 'Aging is the mother of all diseases.' 
  • Among the numerous companies that have emerged from George Church's lab, Rejuvenate Bio stands out as his favorite. It has singularly demonstrated, through frailty scores, the ability to rejuvenate cells in animal testing. The outcome in mice is a longer health span with increased mobility, less gray hair, and a straighter posture. 

We are excited to share with you potential life-changing developments in biotechnology, particularly in treating age-related diseases. As Dr. Church pointed out, these diseases are a leading cause of death in 90% of humans. We believe this information is not just interesting but also holds promise for a healthier future. 

Please contact Jim Vaughan at ( with your interest in viewing the replay. We are very excited about the progress of Rejuvenate Bio. As Dr. Church said, "Invest in the one you believe in." And we do.