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Combination Therapy for Cancer

Intensity is pioneering a new field of cancer treatment – in situ immune activation. The Company’s drug approach, now in phase 2 testing, is to inject its novel high dispersing cytotoxic formulation directly into a patient’s malignant tumors.

The new method concentrates potent drugs in the tumors to kill the cancer following the injection. This method results in significantly less toxicity than traditional intravenous delivery, which harms healthy tissue, as 95% of the drug remains in the tumor.

The potential benefits range from greatly reduced drug side effects with tumor destruction to the initiation of a natural immune response against the cancer. Preclinical data show that Intensity’s products result in significantly greater tumor growth inhibition regression from baseline, tumor eradication, and increased survival rate compared to conventional IV-delivered chemotherapy or drugs given intratumorally without the Company’s technology. Tumors die in a manner that allows for the adaptive immune system to recognize the cancer, attack untreated tumors, and to potentially prevent cancer from spreading or returning.

Quick Facts for Investors

Location: Westport, CT
VCapital Invested: 2015
CEO: Lewis H. Bender
Founded: 2012
Founded By: Lewis H. Bender
Industry: Biotechnology

Our Take

We believe that Intensity is in a strong position to attract interest from several large potential acquirers, subject to successful ongoing phase 2 trials. Most notable are Intensity’s clinical collaboration agreements with Bristol Myers Squibb and Merck.