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Ocient will enable much faster analysis of the world’s largest sets of data.

Ocient builds database and analytics software and services to enable rapid analysis of the world’s largest sets of data (trillions to quadrillions of rows of data). For users of Big Data, this will optimize the value of the capture and analysis of their data at unprecedented speed and scale. In simple terms, Ocient’s novel platform can bring in extremely large amounts of data and then inexpensively organize it so it can quickly be found and used. Metaphorically speaking, imagine Ocient can sit under Niagara Falls and catch all the water, bottle it, label it, and organize it. This is what Ocient can do for Big Data.

By fundamentally rethinking database architecture, Ocient can achieve performance levels that are significantly better and faster than competing solutions. Performance metrics include:

  • Benchmarks 10 to 1,000 times faster
  • Analytics that once took an hour now takes 10 seconds or less

Ocient’s speed allows for real-time loading which is necessary for companies such as in financial markets with constant bids, asks, and trades being executed; tech where multi-second analysis is necessary such as navigation systems; adtech; law enforcement; and network security. Ocient’s speed allows for more queries in a period of time. Ocient’s user-friendly technology was created with switching costs and market adoption in mind, making it an easy transition for any company.

Quick Facts for Investors

Location: Chicago
VCapital Invested: 2020
CEO: Chris Gladwin
Founded: 2016
Founded By: Chris Gladwin, Joe Jablonski, George Kondiles
Industry: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Why We Invested

Data is everywhere and forecasted to grow at 800% over the next five years worldwide.

Remember that entrepreneur named Chris Gladwin who started Cleversafe? That exit brought many of our investors more than ten times their investment. The very earliest BVC investors made a multiple of 38 times their investment. Read more on our website.

Chris is tackling an even more complex problem and is four years into it at a time when exits in this sector are significantly greater than Cleversafe’s sale to IBM for $1.3B in 2015. Ocient intends to do for Big Data analysis what Cleversafe did for Big Data storage.

Cleversafe’s $1.3B exit to IBM took ten years. It was clearly well worth it. This time, Chris and his former Cleversafe team:

  •  are four years in
  • have 40 full-time engineers
  • have already raised $25M from top-tier VCs (including OCA Ventures, which led Cleversafe at start-up with Batterson Venture Capital, and InQTel, CIA’s venture arm, which is a strategic investor)
  • are in a time when valuations are extremely high

Ocient forecasts $100M+ in revenue in 2026/2027 at which point an exit exceeding Cleversafe may be possible. There is a high probability that Ocient will be acquired before an IPO by companies such as AWS, Google, Microsoft, Snowflake, or Oracle.