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Keeping Mothers and Babies Safe During Childbirth

Dr. Mary-Ann Etiebet (Executive Director of Merck for Mothers, Merck’s 10-year $500m initiative to create a world where no woman dies while giving birth) said, “The United States is the only industrialized country where the rates of maternal deaths have increased, not decreased. Young women actually have a higher risk of dying during pregnancy and childbirth than their mothers did. The United States is ranked 46th when it comes to maternal mortality. That’s behind countries like Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan.” In the U.S., at least two pregnant and/or delivering women die per day. The “near deaths” amount to 60,000 a year.


Quick Facts for Investors

Location San Ramon, CA
VCapital Invested 2019
CEO Neil Ray, MD
Founded 2016
Founded By Neil Ray, MD
Industry Medical Device (diagnostic)

Why We Invested

C-sections are currently performed on 33% of deliveries. Hospitals are now being penalized for rates of over 23.9%. Once approved, four million births per year in the U.S. will be using Raydiant’s technology.

Raydiant has already received non-diluted funding from the NIH and NSF. We believe that in 5-10 years, Raydiant’s technology will be common practice in most deliveries.

Our confidence in the CEO and his experience is strong.


“It is not an easy task for a founder to get VCapital to lead your Series A. They evaluate over 1,200 deals per year and make just a handful of investments. They drill deep into your business before committing to invest. But at the end of the process, you will experience tremendous growth as a founder and have an amazing VC partner for life.”

~Neil Ray, MD and CEO of Raydiant