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Explainable Artificial Intelligence

simMachines provides similarity-oriented solutions for Advanced Analytics. Their technology enables you to discover patterns and anomalies in structured and unstructured data. You can also perform real-time recommendations to make consistent decisions that harness the collective intelligence of all the experts in your organization. Finally, their algorithms allow you to predict the outcomes of future events and interactions. Their most important feature is that they focus on telling you the WHY of a prediction, this allows their algorithms to comply with the most stringent Artificial Intelligence auditing rules.

The add-on acquisition of simMachines to InRule Technology in 2021 brought an immediate expansion of strategic and technology capabilities. Combined, the businesses provide enterprises with human-driven and machine-driven AI within a single platform. InRule’s co-founder and CEO, Mr. Rik Chomko led the integration of simMachines, which will continue to operate as InRule.

Quick Facts for Investors

Location Chicago
VCapital Invested 2017 (transitioned to InRule Technology in 2021)
CEO Robert Zieserl
Founded 2015
Founded By Robert Zieserl and Arnoldo Muller
Industry Advanced Analytics for marketing

Why We Invested

There has been much focus on big data and how to analyze it. Lots of tools promise they can use data to make predictions, but none allow you to see the underlying causes for the prediction. simMachine’s value lies in how it tells marketers ‘Why’ the data predicted something, which in turn allows them to make better decisions and take actions sooner. In baseball terms, any manager can tell you a certain hitter gets walked frequently. But the great ones know the factors that get him walked—and with this knowledge understand when to put that batter in the line-up.

We also like a little genius in our science, and we especially like the Founder, Arnoldo Muller, a PhD from The Kyutech Institute of Technology in Japan and a former researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Germany. This product is being used and/or tested by American Express, Allant, ICANN and more. The technology is so impressive Deloitte Europe chose it over IBM Watson. Expert validation also favors this company. They graduated from Microsoft’s elite Seattle accelerator, beating 720 companies for 1 of 10 spots. The company has been recognized as a Gartner Cool-Vendor and by Forrester Research.

The company is well-positioned for rapid growth in a category that is expected to exceed $5 billion in revenue by 2020. Finally, the applications for their software, although currently focused on marketing technology, are limitless, being easily pivoted to internet security, fraud detection, medical diagnosis, drug discovery, creditworthiness, and more.