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A Secure Network Fabric for Edge Computing

Xaptum, Inc. ceased operations on May 1, 2022. An auction for the sale of assets took place, resulting in no proceeds available for distribution. Therefore, investors used this loss to offset any unrelated investment gains in either tax year 2022 or 2023. Co-Investors were Illinois Ventures, Hyde Park Ventures, KGC Capital, the Former CEO of Sprint, the Former CEO of Fieldglass, and the Former Chief Globalization Officer at Cisco.

Existing IoT solutions were fragmented and difficult to secure, implement, and manage – hindering the adoption of IoT. Xaptum’s multi-tenant, future-proof network as a service was a key enabling technology for enterprises to seamlessly scale and secure IoT deployments. Through any last-mile provider, customers could connect their IoT devices to their own secure, logical, middle-mile network that kept the devices and their data invisible to the public Internet. Pain points in provisioning and managing IoT devices were addressed through zero-touch identity and key management to allow enterprises to securely scale deployments. Xaptum’s simplified architecture brought visibility, control, and flexibility to IoT.


Quick Facts for Investors

Location Chicago, IL
VCapital Invested 2018
CEO Rohit Pasam
Founded 2013
Founded By Rohit Pasam, Pradeep Barthur, Venkat Srinivasan Ph.D.
Industry Cybersecurity for IoT

Why We Invested

Xaptum is the world’s first provider of a “Secure Private Internet for Things” and provides the following benefits to its customers:

  • security
  • time to market
  • flexibility/agility
  • high-quality service
  • cost avoidance

The demand for connected devices that can securely communicate with each other is higher than ever, and the Xaptum ENF offers a solution by providing a highly secure, low latency, massively scalable IoT optimized network that customers can manage on their own.

Additionally, the team is well known in the tech world as investors and advisors. Cybersecurity for IoT is a “must-have” for the future.