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Automating Complex Business Decisions

SimMachines acquirer InRule Technologies was acquired by Pamlico Capital from Open Gate Capital in October of 2022. Final distributions to original SimMachines investors were made in 2023. SimMachines investors realized a 40%-60% loss on this investment. While not ideal, the company was able to be acquired and not experience a total loss.

InRule Technology enabled enterprises to understand and automate decisions with unparalleled speed, agility, accuracy, and transparency. IT and business personnel rely on InRule’s Decision Platform to increase productivity, grow revenue, and enhance customer service. With its ‘author first’ approach, InRule empowers both technical and business rule authors to write and manage rules. From on-premises to the cloud and via mobile, InRule allows organizations to run rules anywhere for extreme flexibility and scalability. More than 400 InRule User Community members across 40 countries depend on InRule to reduce development and change cycles by 90 percent for their mission-critical systems and customer-facing applications. InRule has been delivering measurable business and IT results in high-performance environments since 2002.

Quick Facts for Investors

Location Chicago, Illinois
VCapital Invested 2021 via acquisition of simMachines
CEO Rik Chomko
Founded 2002
Founded By Rik Chomko
Industry Software

Why We Invested

InRule Technology is headquartered in Chicago with over 400 clients across multiple industries, including top-tier banks, insurance companies, and governmental agencies in the U.S. and Europe. A leading company in the Digital Decisioning Platform Market, InRule offers products in deterministic reasoning.

In 2019, InRule was acquired by OpenGate Capital with a specific objective to grow and expand the business.

In June 2021, InRule acquired VCapital portfolio company simMachines including their entire team, technology, and products to add breadth to their offerings in probabilistic decisioning. By combining the InRule® Decision Platform with simMachines’ explainable AI technology, enterprises can leverage the power of human-driven (declarative) and machine-driven (non-declarative) AI within a single platform. This enables organizations to build and deploy the most extensive, accurate, and transparent decision automation strategies.

Essentially, simMachines personnel became the InRule Artificial Intelligence (AI) team, resulting in a product roadmap that could advance InRule into the Leaders Category, competing with companies such as FICO, SAS, ACTICO, and IBM.