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VCapital Team, March 17, 2020

Our plan is to communicate to you what is most relevant to your relationship with VCapital and your investments.

We know you’re hearing from numerous organizations regarding COVID-19. The first priority, of course, is the safety of all of our families, colleagues, and those we know and care about. Rather than repeating what you’ve heard already, our plan is to communicate to you what is most relevant to your relationship with VCapital and your investments:

  • Experience offers perspective. The VCapital team’s collective experience as venture investors over the decades, through several financial and societal crises, offers perspective in the current crisis.
  • Opportunities are possible. Since venture investing is inherently long-term in nature, typically with 5- to 10-year time horizons, opportunities to invest at attractive valuations are possible. We are continuing our screening, due diligence, and negotiating work to continue to bring you high-potential venture investment opportunities with attractive valuations, perhaps more than in ordinary times.
  • Ongoing monitoring. Maintaining contact with the management teams leading ventures you have already invested in is always a given. For those that continue to show great potential and need further investment to continue forward, we don’t want to see that potential upended due to fear of seeking more support during a difficult period. Nor do we want to see your interest in such ventures diluted because smarter investors beat us to the punch. So we will let you know when there are opportunities to increase your stake in those ventures.
  • Stay in touch. We recognize that public equity markets are down sharply and that your own business and professional practices may have unique needs during this unique period. Personal conversations are a must. We remain available every day by phone and email.Thank you for your trust in us. We are in this together. 

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