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Live CEO Interview: New Developments at SentiAR

Jim Vaughan, May 13, 2020

Summary of SentiAR's progress and why it might matter to you. Watch our live interview with CEO Berk Tas.

Since December 2019, when SentiAR joined the VCapital portfolio of companies, they have been continuously gaining traction. As a reminder, SentiAR helps medical professionals improve outcomes for patients by increasing accuracy for the physicians who treat them through SentiAR’s patented Wearable Command Center platform (watch video).

SentiAR's technology is now expanding from electrophysiology into adjacent fields such as interventional radiology and robotic surgery. An upcoming article, to be published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, will detail the remarkable results from SentiAR's early clinical deployments in partnership with Abbott Laboratories. Not surprisingly, with FDA clearance expected this year, there has been active interest from a major market leader

Watch our May 21 Live interview with SentiAR CEO Berk Tas here. You will hear about the bright future of SentiAR.

If you are curious about participating in SentiAR's current Series A financing round, contact me. We can set up a 1:1 call directly with Berk.

Jim Vaughan
Managing Principal, VCapital

"The value of AR cannot be understated, it gives us a totally different way to look at that structure and safely plan our approach to patient care." 

~ Dr. Zlatko Devcic, a fellow of interventional radiology at Stanford School of Medicine

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