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SentiAR expands to support COVID-19 patients.

Berk Tas, April 24, 2020

An update from SentiAR CEO Berk Tas

Berk Tas, CEO SentiAR

As you can imagine, the COVID-19 related economic slowdown and healthcare overload has affected SentiAR development and commercialization timelines. After reviewing our entire operation, we made significant changes to extend our runway into the second half of 2021, while ensuring significant value creation.

Our progress on introducing SentiAR technology into the Electrophysiology market has been remarkable.  We have made significant advances in working toward long-term strategic relationships with our electrophysiology partners. These partnerships allow us to enter our electrophysiology product into the market without impedance. Additionally, we are preparing to integrate electrogram signals (important vital signs used to diagnose cardiac arryhthmias) into our platform therefore increasing its value and strength in the market place.

We also identified an incredible opportunity to develop a new product line to extend SentiAR platform usage outside of electrophysiology and into supporting COVID-19 patients. SentiAR will be integrating ultrasound into its platform and release it for ICU usage to guide physicians in gaining Central Venous Access. The incredible increase in ICU patients have forced our healthcare system to respond by asking physician extenders to complete such procedures that are typically completed by highly trained and experienced physicians.

At SentiAR, we believe we will do our part to help frontline healthcare workers to care for their patients efficiently while creating value for our stakeholders. Ultrasound integration not only allows SentiAR to have a second product line but also is a significant value-add to our electrophysiology platform. We expect by the end of 2021 SentiAR will come out of the COVID-19 crisis stronger than ever with two product lines on the market ready to scale its operations on both fronts. 

I am very proud of our team at SentiAR! In the face of unprecedented challenges we are united stronger than ever with the clarity of our vision to build world's first Wearable Command Center. Rest assured that SentiAR's core is made up of ironclad warriors who have unwavering belief in our mission and vision. 

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to our new investors. We are humbled and excited for this support of SentiAR's mission and for the future we are building together.

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