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We are staying the course for our investors.

Ken Freeman, March 26, 2020

Not out of the woods yet, but the sky does not appear to be falling.

While respecting your personal time to focus on the safety of your families and communities, VCapital is maintaining our efforts to uncover wealth-building opportunities. We continue to keep our eye on healthcare/life sciences and productivity-enhancing information technology. When exceptionally attractive investment opportunities are found, we will share them with you at the appropriate time. At the same time, we are in close contact with the founders of our current portfolio companies and monitoring their ongoing health in this unprecedented landscape.

Time to think about doing good for others

We have also spent considerable time mining our network to connect people and organizations whose joint efforts might help bring medical advances to the COVID-19 challenge. VCapital founder and CEO Len Batterson has developed that network for several decades. The major COVID-19 focus since the crisis began, though, has been on the pragmatic here-and-now to benefit society as quickly as possible, not to enrich ourselves or our investors.

Our thoughts on the evolving situation

While we’ve believed throughout that the sky wouldn’t come crashing down and that there would at some point be light at the end of the tunnel, we have no good idea of how great the health impact or economic ramifications of COVID-19 might be and how long they might persist. Truth be told, no one knows as much as we would all like. Clearly, nobody should assume we are out of the woods. It is entirely possible to see more severe than anticipated health outcomes, economic ramifications, and resulting market drops. We are in uncharted waters. We believe, however, that rays of sunshine are beginning to break through.

Our thoughts are with you, your families, and your communities. Thank you for your trust in VCapital.

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