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You just can't retire from being great.

VCapital Team, May 13, 2022

Dear Ken Freeman...

The VCapital team knew this day would come. We get it. Multiple grandchildren, planning special trips with each of them to help expand their understanding of a world outside their immediate neighborhood. Contributing your expertise to the entrepreneurial endeavors of your adult children. Spending more time walking the beach with your wife without the distractions of deadlines. 

Yes, we do get it, yet somehow, we are in denial. 

Ken Freeman and Len Batterson met as students at Harvard Business School. Ken, a Yale Phi Beta Kappa graduate, was one of the younger members of the legendary Section B Class of 1973 and truly excelled in marketing and business strategy. As someone with a keen focus on identifying talent, Len made it his business to never lose track of Ken.

After Ken’s 40-year career in a wide variety of significant marketing executive positions, Ken and Len connected again just as VCapital Management launched in 2015. Ken’s active role as Strategic Marketing Advisor was a major contributing factor to the growth and development of VCapital and its investments. 

In addition to writing and editing much of the VCapital’s content on venture capital and entrepreneurship, Ken and Len co-authored  “Building Wealth Through Venture Capital: A Practical Guide for Investors and the Entrepreneurs They Fund.” If you don’t yet have a copy and would like one, please send your U.S. mailing address to

Fortunately for us, Ken continues as a member of our Advisory Board, providing sound advice and counsel to further guide and build VCapital. 

Even though we will whole-heartedly miss Ken’s integrity as a team member plus his incisive intellect and insight in his writing and editing for us, we wish only the very best for him and his family in retirement. 

Cheers to you Ken, and thank you.